Texture, Tone & Comfort

From the moment we are born, we live with towels.
With safety at the core, Hippopotamus towels bring together texture, tone and comfort.
Multi fabricating organic cotton and regenerated bamboo fiber in an exquisite balance, accomplishes an unprecedented feeling when drying.


The Perfect Balance

Instead of using the regular fat cotton threads, we’ve chosen the thin ones, usually used to weave cotton shirts. On top of that, the bamboo rayon adds a pleasant feeling of silk when touched. Finally, the starch used during the weaving process, is 100% natural starch.
It is easier to wash and brings a final product that is softer and more absorbent.


Vivid But Organic

The repeated research on how to express those deep colors took us to equally blend bamboo rayon and organic cotton. The different dyeing speeds of those two fibers creates a light and shade effect.

The dyeing process is done at Interworks, well-known to be technically number one in Asia. Within the 5 hours, the coloring process only lasts 20min, the remaining 4h4min are spent, washing the fabric with virgin water.

This time consuming work is the key to obtain a product of quality, even if it takes sometimes nearly a day to process one color.


Made in Japan

With more than148 manufacturers, an annual production volume of 12,207t and a total shipping amount of 68 billion yens, Imabari is the indisputable capital of towel in Japan.

From the choice of material to the know-how in weaving and dyeing, the craftsmanship is the result of 120 years of experience, in this sector.

In recent years, Imabari towels won several times the “Grand Prix Prize” at the “New York Textile Show”, showing the growing attention from the international scene.